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In-Ex Pasture Meter
(Part No. 5010)

The PROVEN support tool
•    Accurately measures pasture cover at up to 20km/h
•    View average pasture cover from a single paddock
•    Display pasture covers in kgDM/ha
•    Manually record individual pasture covers that are displayed on screen
•    Consistently calculate average pasture covers and growth rates in your preferred farm management program

NB: InEx Pasture Meter is not interchangeable with C-Dax Pasture Meter

Pasture Meter +
(Part No. 5008)

The advanced sensor technology enables the C-Dax Pasture Meter+ to be used at speeds of up to 20kph-taking up to 200 measurements per second or 18,500 readings over single 500m pass. 
Measure, spread and spray via the cross platform XC3 Smart Control console with GPS technology, auto-paddock recognition, touch screen console with offline guidance and realtime mapping. The built-in high speed auto-lift is twice as fast as the standard autolift kit. The single-piece heavy duty moulded shroud provides solid protection for the whole unit.

Pasture Meter XC1 with Auto Lift
(Part No. 5002)

Tried, tested and true.

The C-Dax Pasture Meter is a simple to use device designed to electronically measure grass cover to enable farmers to make timely decisions from consistently accurate data for planning grazing rotations, identifying potential feed surpluses or shortages, and to fully utilise their pasture resource to enable their farming operation to realise its full potential.

PLUS with XC1 you can get all the benefits of the cross-platform C-Dax solution and use your XC1 Smart Control console for your spreading with the new C-Dax C-DIT 400 & C-DIT 1300 spreaders. 

XC3 Smart Control Console
(Part No. 7009)

This rugged tablet includes web based software to provide a fully integrated support solution for farmers. It wirelessly connects to C-Dax Smart Maps and automatically uploads your spray, spread, or measuring data. The console has true turnkey multifunctionality utilising C-Dax Smart Stop technology. The touch screen has been manufactured to tough military grade standards to withstand the conditions you face in the field. It has real-time mapping with full guidance with quick check distance to show you if you are off line from your spraying or spreading course. It's simple to operate with one-touch start/stop. The background map files allows you to easily zoom in or out.

This product was a merit award winner in the 2013 National Fieldays International Innovation Category.


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